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This week we are sharing a short audio clip from Dave Conner (past Inverness Royal Academy pupil) and Robert Preece (past IRA Geography teacher) discussing their memories of Ellis ‘Curly’ Stuart, the Principal Teacher of French during the 1960s.

Charles Bannerman described Ellis Stuart in his publication ‘Up Stephen’s Brae’:

“Curly was never a teacher to whom one ever got particularly close, and there was something of an air of mystery about him too. There had always been the perception that he had done something terribly dangerous in the War, and on odd occasions he would slip off his guard and begin to allude to this, only to check himself abruptly. It was almost quarter of a century later that he told me that he in fact spent time behind enemy lines both in France and Poland, working for a branch of MI5, so courage was not in short supply by any stretch of the imagination!

There was no doubt that Ellis Stuart was an excellent teacher who set high standards … He was a great devotee of the sport of Shinty, having co-founded the School Camanachd Association in the 1930s.”

Interview/sound recorded by Kerry Duncan, 2018.

You can read more of Charles’s publication via the Inverness Royal Academy website.

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