Happy New Year from all of us at Inverness Creative Academy, we are thankful that the renovation work is currently able to continue on site, and wanted to share some of our recent heritage finds in the first post for 2021.

It was exactly a year ago that Phase 2 started on site, on the 6th January 2020, and no one could have anticipated the rollercoaster ride that lay ahead. We are delighted to see the progress being made on site and the scaffold around the old bell tower, at the highest point of the building, enabled us to get brilliant pictures of the view and the ‘dragon’ weathervane. As well as evidence of a tradition dating back to the war – where every workman who’s been up to the bell-tower has engraved their name on the lead flashing.

As the interior is stripped out we are discovering original paintwork, wallpaper, building features, old paste-up photographs as well as more evidence of past pupils with graffiti in the basement and a broken junior cricket bat found under the floor boards.

Our building bears the marks of the many people who have studied and worked in it over the past 125 years. Please do let us know if you’ve ever scratched your name in the roof’s leading or maybe you recognise the names in the basement? We’d love to gather some of these stories for our online archive launching later this year. Contact kirsten@waspsstudios.org.uk

In 2021 the heritage activity project will be working on a time capsule with Crown Primary School; launch our Arts Award training programme for young people; and have a photography workshop with Inverness Darkroom once we are able to meet in person.

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